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Sleep Wellness


Good sleep is the ultimate healer! Sleep has a tremendous impact on your health and well being.  We spend a third of our time sleeping, and we need sleep to live. There are so many benefits to sleep, and its deep restorative functions. Elysian Life offers holistic sleep coaching, and clinical sleep health education. I combine my medical background in sleep, as well as all the holistic modalities that I have curated over the past 10 years, to help you sleep well, thrive, and achieve your dreams.

A thriving Mindset


Your mindset is everything! Your thoughts and beliefs control your habits, and emotions. The mind also has physiological effects as well. At Elysian Life we use tools backed by science to help your mindset thrive. Meditation, Hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, Mindfulness, transpersonal psychology, and Life Coaching are some of the wellness modalities used.  The law of attraction is one of the universal laws implemented as well.  

Holistic Energy Healing


Energy is Life! We can feel that energy in everything.  A quiet spot in nature will have a much different energy, than a busy crowded city. In science energy is described as "the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity, it can be transferred between objects and converted to form."  Elysian Life uses holistic energy healing techniques such as Reiki enhanced with the elements of nature and sound for the ultimate energy healing session.


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